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Turn Your Rooftop Into A Top Performing Asset

Spring Solar can give you a blueprint to sharply reduce the cost of energy at your business. How? By installing solar panels – at minimal out-of-pocket cost.

Converting your business to affordable solar energy makes great financial and business sense for many reasons. You can:

  • Achieve substantial savings on your energy costs
  • Turn your roof into a profit center
  • Stabilize one of your most unpredictable expenses– your power bill
  • Show your commitment to environmental responsibility

Solar power makes sense for all types of businesses. Spring Solar installs clean, efficient commercial rooftop solar power systems for retail stores, restaurants, hotels and motels, R&D and manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, rural agricultural operations – really, any clean-title property with an open rooftop or open space can go solar.

Finance and Save

Under Spring Solar’s financing program, you’ll get predictable rates on your electricity. As competitors see their energy costs swing every upward, and eat into their margins, your business will have a predictable monthly energy expense for clean, reliable power.

We Serve All of Utah and Southern Idaho

Spring Solar designs and installs systems for small businesses with open roof space to large industrial facilities with acres of roof or open space.

Systems for small businesses can be installed and activated in as little as 45 days, although larger, more complex projects can require as much as two months or more to complete and optimize. Our systems are site-specific, and scheduling depends on the scope of the project.

Regardless of where you are in Utah or southern Idaho, we can help you take advantage of your greatest unused asset: your roof and your open space.

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