From out of the blue – the smart way to go green and save green on your home electrical energy use


Solar power in Utah has just started to make a stand in 2015, and will continue to grow exponentially for the next 10+ years, as solar makes sense in every aspect if you own a home.

  1. Financially, great investment, with as little as $0 down
  2. Green, helps keep down the smog
  3. Emergency preparedness
  4. Durability

We’re locally owned

We have long-established local roots. Spring Solar is a family-owned business, and our team members pride themselves on personalized customer service. Clients have our cell phone numbers, and we know our customers by name. Our team members are your neighbors. We live and work in the Salt Lake area. We’re looking forward to meeting and serving you. Our customers love not having to call a 1-800 number to ask a question and having to talk to someone new each time. Clients can text, call, and email anytime and receive a response usually within just a couple hours rather than days like our competitors.


Call 801-520-0955

and ask us about the Spring Solar N0-MONEY-DOWN OPTIONS