YES, by adding solar, you add about $2,500 per kWh, which priced through us, you add NET POSITIVE EQUITY to your house, just by adding solar to your home. Just like fix and flippers, this is a good choice to add value to a home, at least at the right price through us.

Solar is expensive, I don’t think it’s a good investment.

Other solar companies ARE very expensive, and that is why we started our business, to make solar a great investment for everyone. Solar through us, is BOTH a great short term and long term investment.  You add instant equity to your home, as well as get double-digit yields that require little, to no maintenance, how great is that!

We buy directly with our relationships and buying power, then we have minimal overhead, and minimal marketing costs, unlike the others. Other companies claim to be the largest, but because they claim that, they taut they are the best. The reality is, we offer the SAME solar power system at about 40% less! Same 25-year warranties, but saving you potentially tens of thousands of dollars! Our motto is to help the masses and have minimal markups, rather than helpless people and mark up the costs significantly, that way we create GREAT value for clients and have happy customers. Simply put, we offer the best Solar in Utah!

Solar is a great investment now, huge tax credits which aren’t going to be around forever are here, and future projections for solar panel costs and technology has reached a big slow just like the change in interest rates have been low for several years with everyone expecting them to go up, but they haven’t. Solar is a great investment where you can break even in as little as 7-8 years and have the system paid for paying principal instead of “renting” forever. The technology is not projected to leapfrog forward like other fields but may have very slight improvements over the years. The net meter agreement is still excellent for rocky mountain power, there MAY ONLY BE A WINDOW TO BE ON “NET METERING 1.0” UNTIL AUGUST 2017, ANYONE WHO SIGNS UP AFTER WILL NO GET AS GOOD AS A FEE SCHEDULE THROUGH ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER. IF YOU SIGN UP BEFORE AUGUST 2017, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE GRANDFATHERED INDEFINITELY.

YES!!! The answer is YES! I recently sent out a quote to a prospect and gave 2 options and a week later they said they went with another company. I asked why and they said because their panels were higher wattage than the ones I sent. The sad thing is I have access to the same panels and if you prefer any make and model of the system, we can build the exact system but at a lower cost by THOUSANDS of dollars. One customer was in a contract for $32,000 through another company and we offered the same system with both make and model of panels and micro inverters but at $20,000. That’s a savings of $12,000!!! The system has the same 25-year warranties, same production, but at a fraction of the price. The extra mark up is due to sales reps earning a huge commission, their manager, the VP, and CEO, etc. With us, due to our smaller company size, the sales commission is a lot smaller and thus passing on the savings to you.

Yes, all major equipment has 25-year warranties, and they can do that because the failure rate is so low, the actual use of warranties is very minimal. How great is that!