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Spring Solar is a family-owned and operated. As Salt Lake City area residents and homeowners, our team members will clearly explain every aspect of solar power and help you decide on the best long term solution for you and your family.

Reach for the Sun-From your rooftop

The Earth’s most potent, renewable energy source is at your disposal. Within just weeks of your reading this very sentence, the limitless sunrays that reflect off of your rooftop every day could be generating all the electrical power you need – and more. Instead of using high-cost energy fed to the grid by coal, natural gas, nuclear or strained hydroelectric power sources, you can apply 21st-century technology to efficiently convert sunlight into clean, affordable electrical power for your home.

We offer all panels and inverters, and if you’re shopping for the best, remember that no manufacturer is tied in with a particular company. All solar companies have access to the same products, but other companies may have inventory, so they push a particular make and model. If other companies say their panels are top of the line, question them again. In reality, what they offer as the best may be on par with all the rest of the panels.

Spring solar will help filter the best quality and price and let you know what we recommend. If you have a preference, please ask us for a quote for that make and model, and we’ll save you thousands, sometimes tens of thousands vs. the other guys.

We Specialize in Salt Lake County/Utah County Area Solar Power

Spring Solar converts Utah homes and businesses to solar power – typically in three days or less. Large or more complex solar installations will take a few days longer.

Nonetheless, with every day that goes by, you miss another day of clean, inexpensive, limitless solar power at your fingertips. Or, more precisely, on your rooftop.

Great Savings: Clean, Steady, Easy

Many, if not most, of our clients, see some immediate savings on their energy bills. From the time your panels are installed, and for the next 25 years, energy bills are predictable and steady. While their neighbors’ fossil-fueled energy bills go through the roof, our clients’ energy savings is on the roof!

Ultimately, the total savings can be huge. But of course, the lifetime value of the system will depend upon a client’s electricity use patterns, specific lifestyle, financing method, length of ownership, maintenance, care of the home, and other factors.

Single Family, Multifamily – and Beyond

We install solar power systems not only for single-family homes but also for multifamily housing, including duplexes, condominiums, apartment complexes, co-ops, and student dormitories. Every hour of every sunlit day, the sun-bathed rooftop of your home can reduce reliance on your precious limited resources – while silently generating clean, cheap, and reliable energy. For every day that you stick with fossil fuels, a natural resource declines, and your energy bills rise. So, if you live within 150 miles of the Salt Lake City Area, contact Spring Solar today for a free solar consultation.



Ever dream of having a money tree? Solar saves you money every month, and we can show you how with our GUARANTEED lowest price. Dare to compare and you’ll be amazed!

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