Spring SolarSolar InstallationIs Getting Solar Installation Recommended And What Are Its Advantages

Getting solar installation is gaining more popularity nowadays because electricity, which is one of the most used resources and has now become a necessity for people, is getting costly. It is a power source that is needed by almost everything in a home or office building to work and perform the necessary tasks. Electricity is a valuable energy source, and it is also hard to produce.

Producing electricity is expensive because there are power plants that need to be maintained and keep operational for it to work. These power plants generate electricity at large quantities and distribute them to houses and buildings through a power grid.

The cost of building, operating, and maintaining these power plants and power grids are high. To add on the price, to produce electricity, you will need coal or gas, and since gas is often used for production, it becomes more costly. Producing gas requires the use of fossil fuels; the same fossil fuels need to be dug up from different regions around the world. Most of the time, electric companies will import from other countries; therefore, topping up the cost. Gas prices have skyrocketed in the past few decades, and especially the global population consumes gas faster than petrol companies can produce it.

As much as people would want to cut on electricity consumption, it is not easy because of most of the things used at home run on electricity. From the led bulbs and fluorescent lights that light up the house, the airconditioning system to keep you cool on summer days and warm during the winter, the water heater that you use to have your warm bath to the very devices that you use in keeping yourself updated such as TV, mobile phone, laptops, and computers.

As the world evolved, people started to rely on electric devices little by little, with every invention, with every upgrade, it drew people to be more reliant on electricity. Nobody noticed nobody gave any second thought about it until it was too late. Every person who lived on their income or has had a business office of their own knows how costly a monthly electric bill could be.

The average cost of electricity on a kWh ranges between $8.37 kWh to $37.34 kWh, and the average household typically pays $75 to $203 per month on the electric bill alone. And of course, that is depending on the appliances and the usage of those appliances. It would be best if you were conscious of how much time you need to use a specific appliance to be able to manage your electric consumption.

Millions of people in the world could be on crying their eyes out, trying to figure out how to pay a continuously surging electric cost. Thanks to three people who invented a way of harnessing the most abundant source of power available to everyone – solar energy. In 1954, Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson developed a silicon photovoltaic cell (PV Cell), which is the very first cell that was able to convert the sun’s power successfully into electrical energy that can help power the appliances that people use in their everyday lives.

Since then, the development of solar panels continues and has provided much help to millions of people. The fame of solar panels increases as years passed and millions of people have now opted to shift to reusable energy such as solar energy. The sun being an abundant source, solar energy has provided numerous advantages to families and businesses and the environment.

Getting a solar panel installed at your home or business is now more accessible, with a lot of solar power companies that offer solar installation. It is always best to know an educated decision, and you should know what the things that solar energy can do for you before getting a solar installation.

What are the advantages of using Solar Energy?

  • Freedom from electricity bills – because of the abundance of solar energy, it provides a continuous and free supply of solar power that will help power your household. The enormous amount of energy supplied by the sun, depending on the panel size and the batteries that you have—knowing the right fit, of course, something that you can ask from the solar company that will install your solar panels. The majority of the panels installed nowadays are already sufficient to power the whole household for an entire day.
  • Control your usage – The US has the most number of outages amongst the first world countries. In the past 15 years, the disruptions grew steadily in terms of frequency and duration, and with the increasing rate of outages, it causes more and more inconvenience. Utilizing solar energy will give you control on how and when will you not use your electricity, not relying on power companies is one significant relief. The power grids that US electric company uses is too old and can no longer handle the demand of the technological era. Upgrading will cost billions of dollars, which they will then pass on to consumers.
  • Clean and renewable energy – Solar energy is a hundred percent clean energy source. Since it comes from the solar energy provided by the sun is direct and requires no plantation, it removes the need to use coal, gas, and oil. These fossil fuels are harmful to the environment and are causing the wear and tear effect on earth faster. It damages the ozone layer of the planet, causes global warming to affect the quality of air dramatically. The pollution produced by these fossil fuels also drives many plants and animals into extinction because the quality of life is getting unsustainable. Converting to solar energy one household at a time makes a significant difference. Solar energy may very well be the saving grace of our planet.
  • Tax Breaks – The Energy Policy Acts signed in 2005 were supposed to expire in 2007, but a series of deliberation and provided extensions. By the end of 2015, Congress approved a five-year extension to this Act providing homeowners to get a portion of the solar installation cost from their federal tax. If the Solar system got installed on or before December 31, 2019, you would get 30% tax credit, and the credit value decreases every year. By 2020 the tax credit will be 26%, and in 2021 it will be 22% and no federal tax credit for 2022 onwards. Aside from the money that you will save from the electric bills, you will also get some form of a rebate from the government.
  • No maintenance – it is priced efficient because there are no moving parts, no maintenance is required. The cost of batteries to store the solar energy harvested also dropped big time, which is a great relief in your pocket.

Going solar will be one of the best decisions that you will make. It is not only helping you financially, but it also helps the environment by not generating pollutants. You only need to look for a trusted company to get that solar installation. A company built through love and value for family and will get you the best set-up for your home. Do not hesitate to change. Do not hesitate to contact Spring Solar in Bluffdale, Utah.

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