October 5, 2016

With the year winding down, and tax season coming up, now could be one of the best times of the year to install solar! We have financing partners where you can have $0 down and pay the same as your current rocky mountain power bill, but actually have the payments go towards principal and own the system rather than renting FOREVER. With Spring Solar offering the best prices, top quality systems, we are confident we will put a smile on your face when you decide to go solar!


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Best Quality, Lowest Cost Solar in Utah

Best Quality, lowest cost solar in Utah. We both will give recommendations for your system, or will will match a system you like the best and beat the quote you have by at least 15%! How great is that! We typically save clients at least $5,000 per system, sometimes as much as $15,0000 less than our competition. We serve Salt Lake County, Utah County, and areas within 100 miles of Salt Lake County.



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Spring Solar blog

Spring Solar Blog

October 5, 2016

With the year winding down, and tax season coming up, now could be one of the best times of the year to install solar! We have financing partners where you can have $0 down and pay the same as your current rocky mountain power bill, but actually have the payments go towards principal and own the system rather than renting FOREVER. With Spring Solar offering the best prices, top quality systems, we are confident we will put a smile on your face when you decide to go solar!

October 12, 2016

Weekly sales are available on various solar panel systems, ask us what this week’s ” ale of the week” is as some manufacturers have excess inventory and like to sell last years model at a big discount to get room for new inventory. On some systems, this discount alone could save you over $1,000.

October 22, 2016

Have you ever had a power outage in your neighborhood and would love to still be able to power some things? With Solar though us, for no extra cost, you can have power when the grid goes out. How nice would it be to be able to power your computer, or fridge, or hair dryer, etc. This is all made possible with solar that Spring Solar offer.

October 30, 2016

Some questions people have been asking lately is how we compare to our competitors, or what makes us different? We are different that we offer the same products as everyone else, plus more usually, since nothing is proprietary for the most part, but we offer the systems at a fraction of the cost because we are a smaller company and less tiers of commissions. We have also been asked can we help with LED light replacements for your old incandescent light bulbs, and the answer is YES! In fact, that will honestly give you the biggest ROI if you haven’t switched from incandescent to LED’s yet, and we can help with that switch as well. We will do that for you at no additional mark up, but just an added value, you just pay for the bulbs, which we have located the a great price/quality mix for that as well.

November 3, 2016

Some have asked, is there anytime where solar isn’t a good option? Our response is yes, if the building needs a new roof in the next couple years, if the house has a big portion of the roof shaded a good portion of the day, if the customer doesn’t have good credit or cash. Other than that, adding solar to a home makes sense in every aspect, if you’re expecting to live there for only a year or for the rest of your life. If you have no money, financing options let you put $0 down and pay the same as you’re used to but you own rather than renting forever, then the system is typically paid off in 7-9 years. We honestly think adding solar is a no brainer, and 2016 is a great time since the tax credits are still in place and the tax credits will be gradually going away in the near future which the credits are more than the foretasted decrease in solar system cost, so it’s cheaper now than later.

Check out a video that inspired me as well as should inspire you! search “BEFORE THE FLOOD” which is a national geographic documentary that gives a lot of insight. Global warming is happening and we need to do our part to not be a burden on the world but leave it better than what we were given. Watch the video and your eyes will be opened if they haven’t been opened yet.

November 11, 2016

If you have been thinking about going solar but haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet, now is probably one of the best times to do it. Rocky Mountain power announced a potential rate hike to do Net Metering for NEW CUSTOMERS who apply after December 9th. The new $15 rate hike to use the grid won’t be applicable to customers who already have net metering, or who have applied before December 9th. If you do apply to get solar after December 9th, this isn’t the end of the world, but it does hurt the YIELD about 2.5% form about 9-10% yield to about 7%. So if you want to lock in the best Net Metering agreement, now is the time to do so, as Net Metering 2.0 MIGHT come out next month for people who waited too long, but now you still have time to pull the trigger. AGAIN, now is probably the best time to get in Solar as prices of solar products are only expected to decrease about 4% a year, but labor stays the same or increases, and racking and other parts stays about the same. The inverters and panels are not expected to tank in prices, and are only a piece of the whole system cost.

December 13, 2016

Great news! Rocky Mountain Power did not have their rate hike go through due to the power of the people and Utah regulators. The next meeting is in August, so anyone can still get on the best net metering agreement. Solar is still a great investment, and if you act now, you can have your system in time for spring, where you can get some of the best production from your system for the year due to the cool weather, and long light hours! We have been very busy lately with it being the end of the year and would be happy to refer any prospects a contact who would be willing to give feedback on the products and service! We pride ourselves in giving the best personalized service vs dealing with a large corporation and being passed around from person to person. Go with a locally owned and operated business like Spring Solar and you’ll be treated like a king/queen!

December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! We have had a busy November and December, working on a system every week! Anyone wanting to get in before the new year missed the deadline, but the next best time is to get the system ready and installed in the spring, in March to gear up for the cool temperatures but long daylight hours that come in the spring and summer! The spring actually can produce more per day than the highest producing summer day due to lower temperatures and long hours. On my 6.5 kw system I’ve generated 46 kw hours in a day, when the summer I usually produce around 42 kw a on sunny days. With prices of rocky mt electricity just going up every year, now is the time to lock in your electricity rates with solar instead of being on a variable rate with rocky mt and having to rent forever, it definitely makes sense to own rather than rent, even if you might move in 2 years or so. Ask me if this doesn’t make sense, I would love to explain the investment logic with net positive equity just like a fix and flip putting in new granite in a kitchen.

February 1, 2017

People have been asking lately if electricity can still be produced with our inversion and all the snow. The answer is yes, but with clouds, there will be a drastic cut in production, anywhere from 10%-70% less production, but still production. With snow, the answer is no. If the panels are completely covered, or partially covered, you can do one of two things. Wait for the snow to melt since the production is most likely not drastic in the winter, or 2) Use a roof rake that is safe for panels. The roof rake should have a foam end to prevent scratching. With the new year in 2017, we are still keeping busy and encourage anyone interested in learning more about solar and how solar through SPRING SOLAR with benefit you, give us a call or request more info from us and we would be happy to give you a free solar analysis on your home. 801-520-0955 or gospringsolar@gmail.com.

March 3, 2017

Anyone getting the spring fever??? The days are getting longer, the weather is clearing up where the skies are clear, and you know what that means, a lot of electricity is being produced you can take advantage of it! Now is a great time to go solar! You will be able to build a bank of extra power so when the hot summer months come along you can pull from that bank of built up electricity and use your AC without having to sweat the expensive power bill. How nice is that!? I know my wife and others I have helped LOVE being able to crank the AC without having to worry about having a huge power bill. I am extremely confident you will love your solar as I have yet to see a down side to having us help you with getting solar installed for your home or business. Added appreciation as well as you’ll be owning your power for less than renting, just like it makes sense to own your home rather than rent. The more people learn about how SPRINGS SOLAR can help you with solar here in Utah, the more it makes sense, and the more exciting it becomes. We help with Utah county, Salt Lake County, and anywhere within 100 miles. Feel free to call or text for the best value solar in Utah.

April 2, 2017

Recently a person who we sent a quote to let us know they went with a different company for solar. We asked why and they said because their panels were higher wattage than ours. How we wish people would be open to education though us to save them thousands of dollars, as we have access to that very same system, but thousands of dollars less. When making a large purchase, we encourage getting a few different quotes to see the value Spring solar brings to Utah. Compare and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

May 16, 2017

Some recent question I have been getting are “should I wait until the technology is better, or wait for the solar roof from Tesla?” My answer is no. NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO GO SOLAR for a few reasons. 1) The Utah $2,000 credit is going away this year in 2017 2) We still have the best net metering agreement with Rocky Mountain Power. If you wait until after August 2017 when the next meeting between the regulators and Rocky Mt Power, they may implement Net Metering 2.0 like other states and Provo Utah has done. I promise you, if you or we crunch the numbers for you, now is the best time to go solar. You’ll be locked into the best net metering agreement out there rather than getting paid a flat 7.5 cents a kw hour, you get credit for the amount you would have had to pay. I agree solar shingles are cool, but not when the system costs about 75k and you’re not producing as much as the conventional mono or poly panels which can take care of your whole bill for 50k less.

July 5, 2017

Recently I’ve been really busy so I apologize for no blog for a while. With solar, the biggest factor and benefit is the ROI. ROI has a calculated production rate which can be very accurate and I have been very accurate in my projections that I am confident in telling you what you should be producing monthly and daily. With my competitors, their mark ups are astromoical, trying to say they’ll throw in this energy savings item or that, but in reality, there aren’t guarantees or statistics that back up savings and ROI like solar can do. My background is in investments and if there is another item that can give a 10% ROI with little to no risk, I’m in, please let me know! THIS IS CRUNCH TIME!!! IF YOU WANT SOLAR, DO NOW BEFORE THE PROPOSED RATE HIKE THAT WILL EVENTUALLY COME TO NEW HOMES! This is not a joke and can influence the rate you pay for life.


August 30, 2017

What is going on in the news with rocky mt power and the net meter schedule?

Great hot topic right now, 8-30-17, everyone who currently has, and who will get solar before November 2017, will be on net metering 1.0 , or the current schedule. Anyone going solar after November 2017 will have slightly less favorable fee schedule, about 10% less credit from rocky Mt power but I have included the article because it explains what’s going on a lot more in detail.


November 21, 2018

Long time since our last post, but we wanted to discuss the topic of the status of solar here in Utah at the current moment. The prices of solar is about the same as last year due to Trump’s tarrifs, but some don’t kick in until January 2019. The tax credit in Utah is still at $1,600 and is expected to be the same in 2019. The technology is about the same as last year but the panels may be about 10 watts more per panel. That is the projection for next year is most likely to continue. If your reasoning for not going solar yet is you think the technology will continue to improve and you’re just waiting, well, you’re missing out on the money tree today. If the system pays for itself in 7 years, well, if you wait 7 years, you’ve lost out on a FREE system since it paid for itself by then. The sooner you install, the sooner it starts the 7 year clock count down. The inverter through solaredge is already at 99% efficient, so there isn’t much room for improvement there. Give us a call, text, or email if you would like to discuss how solar with work for you.

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